02-22-09 Fallen


It was a cool, rainy day in Olympia, Washington, the day I took this. My wife, my mother-in-law and I had just visited the state capitol grounds and were driving through the historical neighborhood just south of the capitol building. I had stopped the car to get out to photograph a beautiful, brilliant red tree framed by a wooden fence. When I was walking back to the car, I looked down and snapped this photo almost as an afterthought.

Canon 5D f5.0 1/100 400 iso Canon 24-105 4.0 October 31, 2008

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3 thoughts

  1. Beautiful. I love the rain out there – all that constant dampness makes the vegetation such crazy technicolor. I also visited the state capital in Olympia. The grounds were lovely and I couldn’t get over the little old people capitol tour guides in their red sweaters. My friend and I decided we would have to get a gig like that when we retire!

  2. Anita, thanks for the comments. I love your phrase “crazy technicolor.” In South Dakota our fall colors are very subdued compared to what I saw in Washington.

  3. These complementary tones make one of my favorite combos. The “red/green” Christmas tints pushed to plumb and lime – or to Japanese maple and, what?, needles and ground cover? Inspiration to any colorist.

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