02-28-09 Iron Creek In Spring

Iron Creek is only a few miles from our cabin in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This small pool has been the subject of my attention many times and this photo was taken in April of 2007. It had rained the night before, which increased the volume of water running through the creek. The rain also gave a wet look to the rocks, which helps create the atmosphere in this photo.

For this picture I put my camera on a tripod, which is standing in the water. I’m balancing precariously on rocks, trying not to let my feet slip into the icy stream. The secret to getting the milky look of the water in a photo like this is a timed exposure – in this case the shutter was open for 4 seconds. If I get a good photo when I come to this place, I’m happy. But just spending time in this serene place is enough for me. Can you hear the sound of the creek, the breeze in the branches of the trees and the birdsong?

Canon 5D f22 4s Canon 24-105mm 4.0L (35mm) iso100

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