03-04-09 Take A Leap (02)


This photo was taken on Battle Creek at what is called “the Hippy Hole” or “Big Falls,” near Rockerville, SD. My friend, Scott, and I were staying at our family’s Black Hills cabin for a few days and decided to try to find this spot. Though it was somewhat difficult to get to, it was worth the effort. Initially, we had the place to ourselves but eventually several teens showed up to enjoy the amazing natural pool.

This photo is lucky, given the composition of the two jumpers – both are frozen in their jumps and in fair focus. The main figure in the green suit was doing a back flip and the one on the left looks like he’s headed for a belly flop (though he lands feet first). The fall from the ledge to the water, incidentally, is about 15 feet.

Canon 5D f7.1 1/500 Canon 24-105mm 4.0L (24mm) iso500

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