03-27-09 Reflections of Chicago


I like the juxtaposition of lines and curves in this photo. I also like the warm, gold tones of the reflected buildings. What strikes me about this picture is how easily something as structured and perfect as a high rise building can be reduced to an abstraction by glass panels, which seem so flat and perfect themselves.

I am also struck by the myriad of interesting things that I see when I go to a city like Chicago. What I find interesting, though, the natives seem to ignore. But I’m guessing that if someone from Chicago visited my small town for the first time, they would see interesting things that I pass by every day.

That is one of the virtues of photography – it has the ability to open our eyes to all the interesting things that surround us.

Canon 5D f/9.0 1/250 Canon 24-105mm 4.0L (80mm) ISO 400

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