03-29-09 A 20th Century Cathedral?


This is the Illinois State Office Building and I must say that while it’s not quite as amazing as St. Peters, it is still somewhat overwhelming. The first time I was in the building, I was able to go to one of the upper floors and look down. Being mildly afraid of heights, I found it unsettling and wondered if any of the workers on upper floors had to deal with their own acrophobia. When I visited this time, I think that security concerns prohibited me from going past the ground floor.

Incidentally, my title is not intended to imply that working for government or in a government building is a religious experience. It isn’t. Right?

Canon 20D 1/100s f/6.3 ISO800 10mm (Canon 10-22mm EFS)

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4 thoughts

  1. I’ve been in this building a million times (it was across the street from my old office) and even looked up without ever seeing this photo. I love seeing images from your unique perspective. I still have a photo that you showed me in high school, which I have transferred to every computer since.

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  3. The Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan was called “The Cathedral of Commerce” – of course it’s Gothic decoration had something to do with that. I’d have to say that in America today commerce is still our strongest religion, even though the faith is often tested.

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