04-21-09 Missouri River Sunrise


The other day, I posted a somewhat rhetorical question on facebook which asked for ideas for photos that I might post. I actually got several suggestions. The most intriguing suggestion came from a former student of mine who said that she missed seeing the South Dakota sky.

Being a South Dakotan, I’ve always been impressed with the sky in wide open places but was struck by the reality that there are people who live in places where it’s hard to see the horizon and maybe even hard to see the actual sky due to haze or smog.

Thus, I offer yet another photo of the Missouri River. In this photo I am looking more or less north. This photo was taken a couple miles away from another photo posted in this blog called “Lake Oahe Sunset.

Canon 5D 1/160s f/8.0 ISO400 105mm (Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L)

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6 thoughts

  1. The sky is probably the thing I miss most about SD (aside from family and friends, of course). One of the hardest things for me to get used to about Manhattan was that I have to actually look up to see the sky. I miss being surrounded by it and I miss being able to see what kind of weather is approaching.

    These days, things are a little bit better. I have an office on the 49th floor of a well-situated building, so I get a great view with lots of sky. Today, however, it’s foggy and gross outside, so I’m especially appreciative of your picture.

  2. In N. Alabama we seldom have a view of the horizon which I miss especially at sunset. I would miss that also at sunrise if I ever were up and moving. Of course there are trade-offs wherever you live. In places like SD and MN from late spring to early fall it is unbeatable, in my opinion. In AL the short winter (if you can call it that) followed by and proceeded by the long spring and fall are wonderful.

    It’s a great photo and it prompted this great reflection by me.

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