05-05-09 Polly & I

Forgive the self-portrait, but since I posted my cat Mac yesterday, I thought I owed it to my dog Polly’s memory to post one of her.

This is the last photo taken of Polly. She had been struggling with bladder cancer and had already had 1/3 of her bladder removed when symptoms of her problem recurred. On the day we took her to the vet to have her put to sleep, she and I went out to my studio for one last official portrait. I set the camera up on a tripod and hooked up a self-timer and took four shots. This is my favorite.

People who see this picture comment on the adoring way she seems to be staring at me and the way her paw seems to be posed on my bare foot. The adoring look really comes from Polly’s eagerness for another treat, which I am holding in my hand. And the paw just happened to rest on my foot – it wasn’t posed there.

They say that we should try to be the kind of person our dogs think we are. Even though Polly has been gone for over five years, I still try to keep that saying in mind. Are we too crazy about our pets?

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  1. I heard somewhere in my fascination with animal psychology that when a dog puts a paw on top of you they’re trying to assert their dominance. I’ll bet she got that treat she’s demanding in the picture – our pets, after all, know how to get what they want!

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