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  1. Hey, Mr. Shephard. It’s Renee (WHS ’02). The house is Olive Place. It used to sit where Mt. Olive Church sits today. I forget the original owners of it. I worked at the museum from July ’08-January ’09 as an intern. They have more information about the house there. There are over 4,000 images of Watertown and the surrounding area in the Codington County Heritage Museum Archives.

  2. Here’s the info that I know – Olive Place was built in 1887 by Homer Walrath. It used to be on the 700s block of N. Maple St, until it was moved in 1966 to build Mt. Olive Lutheran Church.

  3. Mr Shephard?? Wow … it’s been like 25 years!

    This was built by my ancestors. It used to sit where the Mt. Olive Church sits now – buy the old Grant School.

    Mom knows alot about it… give her a holler!

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