05-20-09 A View From St. Peter’s

I have already posted a photo of the dome of St. Peter’s from the inside. This is what you see when you stand on top of the dome. The climb up is a bit strenuous but well worth it. Though I would suggest you consider going up in the morning because you can avoid the heat and the crowds.

You can see two countries in this photo – Vatican City and Italy. The “border” is a white line at the open end of St. Peter’s Square (which is actually an ellipse). The “square” and the colonnades that enclose it were designed by Bernini, who also designed the baldacchino visible in my interior shot.

What was I thinking when I got to the top? I was thinking that it’s a good thing that there is a sign by the dome ticket window warning people with heart problems that the climb may kill them. I was also thinking that it’s too bad Michelangelo, who designed the dome, didn’t live to stand where I was standing. I wonder if Pope Benedict has been up here?

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Do want to view a narrated video of this photo? Try going here. (This is a bit of an experiment and it is clearly un-rehearsed!)

Canon 5D 1/640s f/5.0 ISO400 24mm

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14 thoughts

  1. I think this view from St. Peter’s is absolutely amazing. It’s crazy to know that from the picture you can see 2 different cities. This would be a great thing to see someday in the future.

  2. I can see from the top of the Church dome. It overlooks the Vatican City and some of Italy. It is funny to think it is called St. Peter’s Square when in all actuality it is a circle. Supposedly over a million people are crammed in the St. Peter’s Square. I find it hard to believe that many people can be in such a small space. It just doesn’t seem possible.

  3. This photo is an interesting picture because it shows the beautiful scenery of the Basilica and the surrounding area.
    This shows a great view of the square and of the “doorway” to Italy.
    You can also see how close the housing is and how they live. You could almost touch the house next to yours by reaching out the window.

  4. This photo is overwhelming by how big St. Peters dome really is. I know now that if I travel to Italy I am for surly going to the Vatican City to see this great structure. I bet the climb up there was truly worth it!

  5. Looking at this photo it looks like such a beautiful place to be. All of the architecture done on these buildings is like no on has ever seen before. This also looks like a crowded place to live also. Just seeing this picture makes me want to visit this place. Learning about the history is one thing. But actually going to see this would be such an amazing experience .

  6. It is amazing that you can see the entire country of the Vatican just by standing on the top of a building. Then again the Vatican is more of a city, but yet that is what makes the vatican unique. It isn’t overridden with Starbucks and McDonalds, but with art. It makes it a very beautiful country compared to others in the world.

  7. I see that the Catholic Church is very powerful in the world just by taking a look at the buildings that they build. I think that it is funny that the the largest church in the world is in the smallest country.

  8. I’d like to know the significance of where the statues on top of the building are standing. Is there a reason they’re spaced out like that? How big are they, in comparison to St. Peter’s? I would also like to see them up close. They seem like they’d be beautiful works of art, but are overlooked because they’re so high up and small-looking from the ground. And, is the view from the top of the dome? It looks all rusty and I’d think they would take more care of it, based on the condition of the inside, although it is centuries old.

  9. I think it is cool that Micheangelo was able to design this dome so long ago. When i look at this picture it looks like this was a huge dome. He must have been pretty talented.

  10. I think that Michelangelo is a really good architect because he was able to build this building which today is a popular tourist attraction. When you look at this picture from on top of the dome it looks like he build a huge building.

  11. In this picture of St. Peters, I see the statues and the sky lights. I would like to know the significants of the statues on the building. What are they there for? They show character to the cathedral. It shows emphasis to the architecture and it shows the culture.

  12. The first thing i notice is well the magnificent view from on top of the dome and how well the people back in that time of the renaissance could build such admiring things like this. I think that if i would ever be able to get the chance to come to st. Peters and see this view i would be breathe taken well one because of the walk up the steps and the other of course of being in the middle of Italy and be in a different country that is just one little eclipse or as they call it a “square”. Also the view of being on top of the dome would be amazing to see.

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