05-26-09 View of Dubrovnik, Croatia

ShephardDesktop IMG0347020

This view of Dubrovnik, Croatia, is one of millions taken by tourists from the same spot. So why post it? I am leaving for Croatia is less than two weeks and in preparation I was going through photos from a previous trip and I came across this picture.

It was a partly cloudy day when we were walking the walls around the city and I think the clouds can help make a landscape photo more interesting. Another example of this is my view from the Maui coast or of the Black Hills. None of these photos would be as interesting to the eyes with a blank, blue sky. In fact, all of the photos that I’ve posted of skies show clouds except for one: “A Perfect Place.” Compare these and discuss.

View on Panoramio to see this photo’s geographic setting.

Canon 5D 1/250s f/11.0 ISO250 24mm

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