06-04-09 View of A Nude Beach – Corfu


Don’t strain your eyes looking for body parts, but most of the people in this photo aren’t wearing clothes. You’ve got to love those free-spirited Europeans and especially the Germans, who outnumbered other nationalities on this beautiful little beach. How do I know? Research.

This beach is called Myrtiotissa Beach and is said to the “the most beautiful beach in Europe.” Did the Germans enhance or detract from its beauty? You’ll have to do your own research to answer that question.

Canon 5D 1/400s f/13.0 ISO400 24mm

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3 thoughts

  1. Anyone who has been there has to chortle at that ‘German question’. Or, perhaps a better way to state the obvious would be using the Socratic method: “Why do you suppose the photographer of a nude beach on Corfu containing a plurality of Germans chose to shoot from a very LONG distance?”

    The nudes that truly grace the beaches of Corfu are Greeks. (Socrates was Greek and can be seen near the middle of this photo–he’s the one in the deepest water.)

    Continuing along that Socratic method of instruction one might ask, “What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?” That may seem like a cryptic question, but those who have been to Corfu and experienced its ‘mythos’ will see the deeper meaning here.

    What say you, Mr. Shephard?

  2. Can’t remember any Germans, but I’m pretty sure I found this beach in 1975 whilst swimming from a larger beach to the south with an American girl called Carol. We stayed there a week and and hiked up to a village called Vatos for supplies. I only know the beach as Vatos. I would appreciate any feedback as to whether this is the same beach.

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