06-14-09 Fishing Net Repair – Vrboska, Croatia (Hvar Island)

Deb and I were enjoying our last evening strolling the back streets of the small port village of Vrboska, Croatia, when this man spotted us. He spoke very little English but tried to talk to us anyway. At one point, he signed for us to come inside his shop, the floor of which was covered in piles of fishing nets. He said, “I am professional” and sat down and began to show us how he fixed nets. His pride and his desire to demonstrate his skill were clearly apparent.

This is a very strongly lit photo – but I didn’t use flash. Instead, the man helped me by turning on the flourescent lights that lit his shop and (conveniently) sat in the doorway, which was flooded by the pure late afternoon sunlight reflected off the wall of a fortress located a few yards from his door.

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