06-18-09 Stari Most – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina


This is not a remarkable photo. Do a Google search and you will find many more that are better. I did want you to see this bridge, though, since I have referred to it in other posts. To me, the most remarkable thing about this bridge is that it stood for centuries and both literally and symbolically bridged the cultural differences that existed in Mostar.

Then, in 1993, it became an intentional victim of the bitter war that affected so much of this region. The bridge was rebuilt with the aide of the international community but there are signs everywhere that say “Don’t forget ’93,” which was the year the bridge was destroyed.

One Muslim man I encountered the day I took this photo told me that “don’t forget” is not a call for revenge. Instead it is a reminder that we should never forget the damage that intolerance and hatred can inflict on people.

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