06-25-09 The Calm Before the Storm

This photo was taken from the back of my sailboat as it was moored at Spring Creek Marina north of Pierre, SD. I was fascinated by the texture and the color of the clouds. Instead of taking the photo, I should have been checking the mooring lines of my boat because a few minutes later winds reaching 50 to 60 mph hit the marina. Many of the boats suffered minor damage including mine. (Click here to see a few more photos.)

The black line visible on the water is an artificial breakwater made of giant truck tires. Unfortunately, a large section broke loose, allowing wind-driven waves reaching 4 or 5 feet high to roll through the marina. It was a hell of a ride!

I love sailing on Lake Oahe. But for 30 minutes, I was wishing that I and my “new” boat Wandering Star were anywhere but there.

Here are a few “Photos of the Day” that feature the Missouri River:
The Perfect Place
Incipience 3
Lake Oahe Sunset
212 Bridge Over the Missouri River

Wandering Star

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  1. Thanx for the photos. We live in Rapid City and have had a boat of one type or another at the old Lighthouse Pointe breakwater since the late ninetys. We can understand riding out the storm as we have done it several times (successfully) and it’s never any easier. I remember one night last year we tried to leave but the ramp leading to shore left before we did. Oh well, hunker down. The trick really is the lines and fortunatley we have some veteran Oahe people nearby that have drilled into us the need for proper lines. Thanx again for the pics, hope to see you on the dock.

    Bob & Deb
    crew of M/V Slow Dance

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