08-02-09 Winter Wonderland

I have juxtaposed a winter scene today with yesterday’s photo of late July lilies – primarily because I wanted to use the word “juxtapose” in a sentence. Mrs. Connor, one of my high school English teachers, would be proud. So here’s an obscure (and perhaps rhetorical) question: How is the porter scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth a good example of juxtaposition? Public praise to the first person who answers correctly.

Canon 5D 1/1000s f/4.5 ISO160 105mm

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2 thoughts

  1. In this scene Shakespeare depicts Castle Macbeth as the dominion of death and corruption, evidenced by the sadistic machinations of its Lady and the bloodthirsty acts of its Master. The porter scene emphasizes the fact that all who enter the castle and stand in the way of Macbeth’s ambition might as well have entered Hell, as they will certainly find a fiery demise within. Yet in this scene the Porter’s drunken stupor in the midst of all this elicits laughter. It is ironic laughter JUXTAPOSED with the very gates of hell.

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