08-06-09 Even More Flocking Behavior

This photo may be a little too abstract to have meaning but I’ll post it anyway. Hundreds of seagulls have moved on to the tires that form one of the breakwaters at the Spring Creek Marina on Lake Oahe in South Dakota. And on the two previous mornings as I slowly motored by to go out sailing, they took flight as I passed. On this day I was ready with my camera: I had about 30 seconds to get photos before the birds were gone and circling overhead. I took about 15 photos as I passed but this is the only one I liked.

Here’s a less abstract version (click).
While you’re here, check out the Spring Creek deep water marina on the amazing Lake Oahe. (click)

Canon 5DII 1/800s f/16.0 ISO400 58mm

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