08-07-09 Emily


My good friend Jack suggested that I should consider posting a few of the portraits I have taken and so today I cave in to his gentle persuasive. Emily is a senior in high school and she, her mother and I spent yesterday morning taking her “senior photos.” Emily is a great subject and we had perfect outdoor weather – very little wind and moderate cloud cover.

As you can tell, this photo is enhanced and portrait purists might be critical for this and perhaps other reasons. Frankly, I was playing with actions, filters and layers in Photoshop. I’ll post a less manipulated portrait someday soon.

Incidentally, those of my generation (50-somethings) will remember that senior portraiture back in the 60s and 70s involved going to the studio in your best outfit and having one or two photos taken, the best of which ended up as an 8×10 on the wall. Times have changed!

Canon 5DII 1/320s f/4.0 ISO400 115mm

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