08-12-09 It’s True!

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I was in Florence, Italy, the night the Italians beat the French in the World Cup Football Championship. Needless to say, as I tried to sleep, the Italians partied all night long. The next morning I was wandering around looking for photos, as I often do.

Around the corner from our hotel entrance, I found a newsstand loaded with papers proudly proclaiming the Italian victory. I don’t speak Italian but I signalled that I wanted a photo and this was the pose that the news vendor struck. “Tutto Vero!” means “all true!” “Campioni del mondo” means “Champions of the World.” Italians are passionate people but they are especially passionate when it comes to World Cup Soccer.

Here’s a photo I took the night before as Italians watched the early part of the match at an outdoor bar across the street from my hotel. (click)

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