08-17-09 Street Artist – Florence, Italy


The student tour group I was with had almost a whole afternoon free in Florence and this is one of the unexpected photo opportunities we encountered. I think that doing chalk reproductions of Italian masterpieces on sidewalks would be a tough way to make a living. But you do get plenty of attention from people like me.

I can’t help noticing her foot in this photo. Aren’t these shoes for tight rope walkers?

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3 thoughts

  1. Oddly enough I saw a lot of those shoes in Japan. The landscape workers on the base always wore them and we referred to them as “Ninja Turtle” shoes. I always wanted to get a pair just to see if there’s anything to them.

  2. Yeah, my friend Lalu is creating this chalk drawing of Guido Reni art. I am also a “madonnara,” as we call (girl) street painters in Italia. If you want to see more drawings, check out my blog http://artbyborsheim.blogspot.com
    and do a blog search on street painting. Or maybe you can just search street painting and Florence (or firenze) and find my work.

    Lalu is a “madonnara fiorentina” — the real thing. Great foto and I will send this link to her. Thank you!

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