08-18-09 Ephemeral

It must be the English teacher in me that makes me use words like this. Sorry. “Ephemeral” means “lasting for a short time.” To humans, flowers are ephemeral, to South Dakotans summer is ephemeral and to my cat, Mac, his morning meal is ephemeral. But the Spring Creek Marina???!!!

In this photo, the subjects are here to stay for a while. But the light wasn’t. I had arrived just after rain had passed through and as I was getting ready to unload my sailing gear, the sun poked out from behind a heavy cloud and lit up the marina. I reached for my camera, got out of the car and literally had 20 seconds before the sun went back under a cloud. I should have taken a photo when the area was bathed in shadow because then you could see what a difference a few seconds make.

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