08-26-09 School Is In Session

Yesterday was the first day of school and in about two weeks it will be time to celebrate our annual Homecoming week. Students – especially seniors – look forward to the week and many teachers and administrators dread it, largely because events occasionally take precedence over the important task of teaching and learning.

Our town’s homecoming is rich in history, with a Legend enacted by students, a powderpuff football game for the junior and senior girls and a “Burning of the W” that would make ancient pagan harvest celebrants proud. I’ve always seen our homecoming week as one of the first steps in the graduating classes’ rite of passage.

This photo, incidentally, is one of my trademark KiYi photos and it is always arranged well before it is taken. I tell the students what to do and, as much as possible, where to stand. When the photo is actually taken, we have about 30 seconds to get the right shot before the crush of people fill the space we are in.

Canon 5D 1/160s f/5.6 ISO1000 23mm
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