09-11-09 Stoney Look


So what are the four presidents staring at? I was looking at some photos I took a few years ago and it occurred to me that they are all staring off in different directions. It’s like they don’t even know that the others are even there. It’s kind of a strange portrait, if you ask me. (Full view: Click here. Or here.)

This is being posted on Patriot Day, incidentally, and in the days, weeks and months following 9-11 there was a significant concern that even national icons like Mt. Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty would be subject to attack.

I just checked and our threat level today is Yellow, which means “significant risk of terrorists attacks.” Does anyone else crave the good old days of the Cold War when all we feared was communism and nuclear annihilation?

Footnote for art lovers: Do you think Borglum was aware of this colossal statue (click) of the Roman emperor Constantine when he was trying to figure out how to make the pupil and iris in the presidents’ eyes look real from a distance?

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