10-12-09 A New Constellation

These “stars” were four of the six bride’s maids at Katie and Brian’s wedding. This photo wasn’t my idea and I was skeptical about getting a good shot. The sanctuary was fairly dark and I thought it would be hard to get details in the faces without washing out the beautiful colors in the stained glass and the flowers and dresses. But I was wrong. This photo was very rushed and I wish now that we had found the other bride’s maids.

Incidentally, the colors that Katie picked for her wedding were brown and purple. “Brown and purple?” you ask. Just look. It was a great combination. Katie has a good eye and good taste. That comment may seem self serving since she also married our son!

Canon 5DII 1/60s f/2.8 ISO2000 115mm

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2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for following my sketchy direction, Scott – I’m grateful/gratified it turned out! I can’t wait to see more of what you captured over the weekend.

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