10-13-09 Dancing the Night Away

Here’s one more from Katie and Brian’s wedding – this time from the reception dance. The reception was on the 22nd floor of the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul, MN, and, as you can see, the view was spectacular.

For those interested in technicalities, I was able to get a proper exposure of both the foreground and the background using flash by setting the camera to “aperture priority.” On most cameras, that’s Av. The camera then sets the shutter speed to expose the whole photo, including the background. Check out the exposure information below and you’ll see that the shutter speed is very slow – but the flash freezes the action. Pretty cool. It still takes a steady hand or a tripod to keep the background lights sharp. In this case, I’m standing on a chair using a steady hand and a lens with image stabilization, which is also cool.

Canon 5DII 1/10s f/4.0 ISO800 17mm

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