10-25-09 Remembering Bernice

Of course, to my brother Mike, my sister Barb and me, she was “Mom.” I’m sad to say that Mom passed away in the early hours of the morning today (October 25, 2009). Mom was 91 and we had spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday visiting her at the nursing home she lived in. Her passing was quiet, peaceful and appropriate. But I feel pain nonetheless, for I had not expected death to come so quickly.

There’s more that I could say but I don’t have many words right now. I’ll let this photo of a my beautiful mother speak for itself.

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  1. Dear Scott,
    Scott and I want to send our sympathies to you and Deb, Brian & Jon, and the rest of your family. We have many fond memories of our holiday times spent together over the years.
    Your photo of Bernice is just beautiful, and I think that it captures the quiet grace and subtle spark of your mom that I will always remember.
    We will plan on seeing you next week at the funeral.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers,
    Sandy and Scott

  2. First of all…I’m sorry for the late respone but I’ve been in transition. This is a beautiful photograph of your mother, and I am terribly sorry for your loss.

    I guess the only consolation is how much her spirit can live on through what she has passed on to you and your siblings. I can certainly see her in you, and the values, principles, and vibrancy she passed on to you have made you into the wonderful man that we all appreciate so much.

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