11-29-09 Kindling A Different Literacy

I’ll admit that this is more of a product shot than anything. The product is my new Kindle, which arrived on Thursday. While there is much that I could say about this amazing device, I will simply say this: the Kindle (and other e-readers) will do as much to revolutionize reading and publishing as digital photography has done to revolutionize taking photos. Guaranteed!

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    • Thad, when I was researching my purchase, I came across an article that suggested that what was important about most books wasn’t the paper or the glue and that when you were immersed in a good book, you were transported beyond the paper and the glue. I agree.

      So, no, I don’t miss the hard copies of things like newspapers and books. Part of the winning argument for the Kindle for me is that I can carry a library of 1200 books, poems, pdfs, audiobooks, mp3s, etc, that weighs in at around 10 ounces. And if I have a good connection to the “Whispernet,” I can add to that library within a minutes. And I can do this in most places I go in North America, Mexico and Europe.

      In a few short days, the Kindle has already begun to change how I read and work.

  1. I got a Kindle for Christmas last year, and I am, for better or worse, completely addicted. The convenience (and, to a certain extent, eco-qualities) make it hard for me now to choose a separate book or mag to read.

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