12-11-09 Rosy Fingered Dawn – Chamberlain, SD

“Rhododactylos” (rosy-fingered) is the epithet that Homer uses to describe the Greek goddess of dawn, Eos. Eos, of course, is also used in the full product name of Canon DSLRs: eg “Eos 5D Mark II,” which is the camera I took this photo with. How appropriate!

Was the light really purple and pink? Yes. Was it cold? Youbetcha — the cold would have frozen Homer’s quill.

(My learned readers might be inclined to point out that Homer had no quill since he/she didn’t actually put his famous poems to paper. I know that. I was just attempting some cheap Homer humor.)

Check out the artist Bouguereau’s conception of Homer, whom legend says was blind. (Click)

And while you’re at it, check out this “Photo A Day” post that includes another painting by Bouguereau (click).

That’s enough free association for one post. . .

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