12-14-09 He’s Not Handicapped

One day I looked out our patio door and saw this squirrel eating the bird seed we had put out. I looked more closely and noticed that he was missing one of his front paws. I turned to Deb and said, “Look – there’s a handicapped squirrel on our deck!” She said, “It looks like he’s doing quite well with only one paw. I would say he’s not really all that handicapped.”

In a flash, Deb had rearranged my whole concept of what it means to have personal limits. Is it really possible that a one-footed rodent can change my thinking? Well, it was actually Deb (who has few limits) who did this. The squirrel was simply a metaphor. Our name for this squirrel, by the way, was Lefty. He showed up a few more times over the next few days and then he must have moved on.

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