01-28-10 The End Is Near

I don’t mean 2012. I mean the end of this blog.

In this screen capture, you are looking at the monthly statistics for “A Photo A Day.” Boring? Probably. I started this blog on February 21, 2009, and I plan on ending it on February 20.

What is interesting about the graph is that though it indicates that people take a look from time to time (over 25,000 hits), I have very little clue of who those people are. I would really appreciated hearing from you. I don’t want to sound like I’m needy but if any of you can offer a compelling reason why I should continue and that I haven’t become redundant, I may continue to post.

I do appreciate people taking the time to look at my pictures.

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15 thoughts

  1. Hello! I’m one of your followers. I visit your site pretty regularly as a reminder to see the beauty in everything around me. I first discovered your site when your son Brian sent me a photo from Croatia, a place dear to me. I would not object to you continuing to post after February as I’ve truly enjoyed your work.

  2. I view you blog almost daily and always enjoy viewing/reading it. I started visiting your blog from your facebook links. As an artist/educator now, I like seeing examples of others art and their thoughts behind what they made/captured. I think it is especially interesting when you post pictures that I remember you showing in class when I was in high school and now reading your thoughts about it and the process/inspiration from the artist standpoint opposed/in addition to the teacher standpoint. If you continue to post, I will continue to view. If you don’t–that is understandable. I just wanted to comment and say I enjoy your posts! I don’t think it is redundant in any capacity. Thanks!

  3. I’m also in favor of you continuing! I love looking at your blog. I don’t make it every day, but I do go back and look through every one I’ve missed when I come back to the site. Brian and I often look at them together or comment about what we saw on your page when we see each other at the end of the day.

    Plus, I like looking at them considering which I might ask to have a print of (or permission to print) for our home. =) It’s something Brian and I talk about and end with saying, “yes, we should do that”.

    If it’s a hassle and you don’t wish to continue, I think ending at the year will be a nice way to tie it up, but if its not a hassle I think its a daily gift to those of us who see it and a wonderful growing collection of your “greatest hits” as it were.

  4. I took a mini photography class with you a year or so ago, and I enjoy looking at your photos and thoughts. Regretfully, I did not find this blog until December and I spent probably about an hour just looking back at the older posts. I have since checked back on your progress. Your photos are beautiful and interesting. Thanks for sharing. I will continue to follow if you continue to post.

  5. I’m definitely in support of you continuing this blog, I enjoy seeing your photos and I get inspiration for my own photos-especially since you started me down that route in high school! You’re witty comments and story behind your pictures are also great! Please keep posting!

  6. I think you should continue it if you are able. I check it pretty much everyday( if not multiple times a day to re-read your posts). It is part of my daily routine and would be sad if it no longer was.

  7. Like all of the others that have posted, I love your blog. You always have great photos and postings, and I will really miss it if you kill the blog.

  8. That you have posted 340 (or so) pictures, and that they are all of such high quality, is amazing to me. And I knew how good you were before you started.

    I know you’ll find more, and I know you’ll take more. Perhaps you could change the name of the site to something like, “A Photo Whenever I Feel Like It.”

  9. Hello Mr. Shephard! I follow your blog with my gmail Reader, and yours is usually the one I click on first. I love looking at the high quality photos of South Dakota, and your travels. I always get to see SD in a new light through your pictures. I love the combination of home/travel pictures. Living in Paris for the year, and being able to look at your blog is a great reminder of where I come from, and also how many places I have yet to visit, like Croatia! If you keep posting, I will keep looking.

  10. Quit? Are you crazy? You have thousands of pictures we have yet to see! Scott, you are an amazing inspiration in ways you can not imagine. Please continue to inspire, teach, and share.

  11. Scott,
    I hope that you will be able to find the time to continue posting your blog photos in some capacity online. Your photos are truly works of art and things of beauty-and they help expand my world one photo at a time.
    I really enjoy the photos from far away places, and the short history or personal perspective that you share with us. I hope to be able to select one of your photos to print for our home someday.

  12. Keep it up, Shep! My wife & I really enjoy seeing the world through your lenses. I’m sure it’s no small amount of work for you to keep this blog up but it really is a breath of fresh air.

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