01-30-10 Top Ten

Thanks to those of you who responded to my “The End Is Near” post. I’m persuaded that I need to keep posting. It’s a good thing for me because it makes me go back and look at photos I’d forgotten about. It also motivates me to try to capture new things in new ways.

Before I go back to photos, I thought I’d show you one more geeky blog statistic page. This one shows the ranking of photos over the last 11 months based on number of page visits. Interestingly, the most viewed photo on my blog is “View of a Nude Beach – Corfu.” I don’t think that it’s the best picture of the 300+ pictures that are posted. I think the word “nude” is the secret to its success.

Among the other statistics I get are the search terms that brought people to my blog. And “nude” “nude photos” and “nude beach” bring people to my web site every day. I’m well aware that people like you don’t get to “A Photo A Day” via Google. So relax. I know it’s not your prurient interests that cause you to bookmark “A Photo A Day.” Right?

If you’ve got a minute, try doing a Google photo search for “nude beach Corfu.” WARNING: if you don’t have safe search on, you will see more than the sand and sea at this beautiful little beach I photographed. You may even see some private parts. But you may also see my blog photo.

Incidentally, 4 of the top 10 photos in my blog are from Brian and Katie’s wedding.

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