02-08-10 A Week In Paris – The Pyramid

I learned a couple weeks ago that a former student of mine, Erin H., is looking at the blog from time to time. Given that there are other former students who also see this blog, this might seem unremarkable. But it turns out that Erin is in Paris for a year, and there’s something special to me about having someone there checking out my blog. 🙂

Erin writes:

Living in Paris for the year, and being able to look at your blog is a great reminder of where I come from, and also how many places I have yet to visit. . . .

In honor of Erin, I am kicking off a series called “A Week In Paris.” For a while, my blog becomes a reminder of where she is and where some of us would like to go some day.

Incidentally, Erin also has a blog of her own, with many great photos, and I suggest you take a peek: worldmoods.blogspot.com

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