02-19-10 Evie

I just finished teaching a short course at night called “Intro To Digital Photography.” I had a great group, though I’ve discovered that trying to translate the process of conceiving, taking and processing a digital photo isn’t easy. But teaching photography has been good for me because it has helped me objectify my hobby and break it down. My conclusion is this: taking and making a good photo is a very complex process.

So why a photo of Evie and her horse? Evie’s mother was one of my students in this class and helped with this photo. So I thought I’d post it. Like the photo of Gabriel from a few weeks ago, this photo breaks a rule of portrait photography that says that the subject’s face should be the biggest object in the photo. But I think Evie does a good job of stealing the viewer’s attention. 🙂

Canon 1D 1/125s f/4.5 ISO200 70mm


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