03-02-10 The Impossible Dome

This is the inside view of one of the most famous domes in the world. It was designed by Brunelleschi and the exterior dominates the skyline of Florence. The exterior is what every visitor to Florence sees but many don’t take the time to step inside the famous Duomo. The interior is difficult to photograph because it is fairly dark. But it is certainly worth the visit.

I call this “The Impossible Dome” because the church was built on such a scale that no one had the engineering skills and technique to cap the transept. Finally, Brunelleschi invented the process and the dome was built.

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7 thoughts

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  2. “The impossible dome” looks magnificent and the engineering skills it took to build it during the era made it a master piece. The dome looks nice from outside and inside and it shows that ‘Renaissance’ in architecture and engineering in Italy. This probably changed the way most building in Italy were made after it.

  3. I think that this Dome is amazing. It is amazing to what people can come up with and how they can construct it. Why is the dome so dark inside?

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