03-16-10 We’re Seniors!

These girls are members of the class of 2009, which I’m sure was a great class. Every senior class is, isn’t it? This photo was taken at the Powderpuff Football Game, which is part of our homecoming ritual. The seniors won. But they always do, since cheating and bribing of the referees is allowed.

On a technical note, this photo is an example of a technique I’ve used here before. It’s a combination of “dragging the shutter” and zooming the lens at the same time. To drag the shutter, set the camera to “shutter priority,” use a slow shutter speed (1/20 sec), and make sure the flash fires. To get the best result, you also have to make sure that either the subject moves or that the camera moves (or zooms). The result is occasionally an interesting ghosting effect.

Canon 5D 1/20s f/7.1 ISO500 24mm

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