03-21-10 Pacific Reflections

That’s me with the camera and behind me is the Santa Monica Pier in southern California. And way off in the distance is the peaceful Pacific ocean, smooth and welcoming on a beautiful spring day.

Just around the corner in the unfocused part of the photo is the owner of the sunglass kiosk. When she discovered me taking this photo, she said, “No photo’s allowed.” I said, “I’ve already taken the photo but the dock and the light and the reflections are public.” She insisted otherwise and after a short philosophical exchange about ownership, I walked away. And then I bumped in to Fred and Kathleen, two people from Watertown, SD. What are the odds?

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3 thoughts

    • I think she felt that she owned the glasses and therefore owned the reflections, too – which I suppose is true. She might have also felt that she wasn’t obligated to offer her merchandise as an aide for my photography. The mistake I made was that I didn’t ask first, though she might have said “No” and I wouldn’t have the photo.

  1. This brings up an interesting idea about ownership, especially as the term applies to images or photographs. I wonder if she has since tried to copyright the images in the reflections. Ha.

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