03-28-10 Stranger In A Strange Land

This title is not at all descriptive of the subject of this photo. The title suggests how I felt when we visited California. The fact that I had never seen a plant like this (in the Norton Simon art park in Pasdena, California) suggests that I was a bit of an alien. Sorry, but I don’t know what it is called.

As I was looking at my California photos to find something to post today, I decided that I think that everybody ought to visit the Los Angeles area. It seems so American to me: the sprawling megapolis, the wealth, the exotic cars, the Walk of Fame, the beautiful endless coast and the mixing of cultures, to name a few.

For a South Dakotan like me, California is like Japan: exotic and inviting. For what it’s worth, incidentally, I also think that everybody ought to visit South Dakota – especially Californians.

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