03-31-10 Resolution

“Resolution” is a term used in digital photograhy to describe a camera’s and/or a lens’ ability to show detail. In this photo the detail is evident in the individual grains of pollen that are visible. To be honest, I didn’t see this in this little flower until I opened the image on my computer and cropped the flower down to about 1/3 of its orignal size. I continue to be impressed with what 23 million megapixels can do!

Forget the technical stuff, though, and consider this: “resolution” also means “intention,” “determination” and even “courage.” Can a single crocus be evidence of any of this? Is Nature an “intent?” Or is it an unthinking force?

Don’t ask me. . . I just enjoy the emergence of life from the cold, brown earth after a long, cold winter in South Dakota.

Canon 1DII 1/250s f/2.8 ISO400 100mm

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