Who Are You?

I appreciate the fact that every day I have between 20 and 50 unique visitors to this blog. Some are returning again and again. And some visit once and never return. Because this is “a blog for the right brain” I get very few comments, which is perfectly OK with me.

If you click on the screen capture in today’s post, you will see that most visitors come from the US but a few come from exotic places like Iran and China. And I’m curious. . .

Would you mind taking a minute to let me know who you are? I don’t think you need to register to leave a comment. A first name and city/country would be enough. If you don’t mind, though, I would like to know a little more.

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10 thoughts

  1. My dot is coming from Phoenix AZ. You are bookmarked on my tool bar. I check email, FB and then A blog for the right brain every morning, in that order. You are number 3 in my day. BZ (if he posts) is number 2, however. Food beats pictures every time. But you are still my artistic inspiration and the reason for my Picture a Day. Thank You.

  2. former student of yours from high school & the Europe ’01 trip. Busy with med school, I love to just check in and admire the great photography. It’s a nice mental break!

  3. This makes me want to visit Siberia and check your blog next time I am in the Middle East/Africa. Let’s cover that map!

  4. Currently in Seattle Washington but knew you way back when in Sioux Falls, SD. I don’t check in daily because I prefer to check every month or so and revel in 30 or more of your beautiful photos at a time. I should have my Peace Corps daughter check your site so you can get a pin from Bamako, Mali, West Africa.
    Keep posting those beautiful photos!

  5. Yes, love the Pisa picture! I’m quite sure I have that disc of photos somewhere! My best memory of Lugano is that the hotel thermostat there was in Celsius and we had no idea what the conversion was so we set it at 15C which turned out to be about 60F. Rest assured, we were sufficiently ‘cooled off’ the next morning!

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