The Distant Past

I don’t know if 1958 counts as “the distant past.” But for me it does. I found this photo as we were culling pictures from my recently deceased aunt Gladys’ photo collection. Pictured from left to right: Clarence (my dad), Harold (Dad’s brother), Mary (Harold’s wife, Mildred (Dad’s sister), Gladys (sister) and Bernice (my mom). Front row: me.

Do you like the suspenders? They were apparently fashionable because I have seen more than one photo of me and my brother wearing suspenders. Or maybe my mom just bought pants that we could grow in to?

Anyway, this photo was taken in Sioux Falls outside the visitors’ center of John Morrel Meat Packing Company.

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2 thoughts

  1. Going through pictures from my growing up years is my summer project. That and all the pictures from trips. What fun to look back and remember!

  2. My distinct pleasure in the consecutive photos from the late 50’s probably is above all a commentary on my vintage, but none-the-less, thank you. My first photo of you is in Mrs. Clark’s kindergarten class (1959-60). As I recall you were wearing suspenders on the day of class pictures. The photo from yesterday reveals that your love of travel was in place even as a pre-schooler.

    Your parents are striking ‘book-ends’ in this photo. They obviously are at home and embracing their role as hosts.

    You? I’m not sure if that is an attempt to smile after witnessing the realities of a meat packing plant or bracing for the unknown. Regardless, your father’s hand on your shoulder communicates clearly, “That’s my boy.”

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