Let Them Eat Quiche

I am paraphrasing Marie Antoinette’s famous words in the title, though many historians say she never uttered her infamous line (“Let them eat cake.”) Since she was Austrian-born, if she had said anything at all when she was told that angry peasants were at the palace gate demanding bread, she might have said, “Let them eat kuchen.” The words “quiche” and “kuchen” are actually related. And, as long as I’m free associating, you might be interested in knowing that kuchen is the official dessert of the State of South Dakota. And, while I’m at it, milk is the official drink of North Dakota.

But what you are looking at in this photo is salmon quiche served at the restaurant of the hotel Deb and I stayed at while visiting Corsica, France, a few years ago. Corsica, of course, is the birthplace of Napoleon. Corsica is the name of a car, too. Did you know that both of our sons each had a silver Corsica? . . . .

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  1. In addition to being a wonderful photo, your comments are very Shephardesque and non-linear. I appreciate this.
    Have a good one!

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