On the journey back to eastern South Dakota from a meeting in Deadwood, I decided to take the back way home. In my urge to get home I often drive by things that I think are photogenic. But on this trip I decided to stop when I saw interesting things.

This creek bed is about 100 miles west of Pierre. Not everyone finds dead trees photogenic but I do. I debated about posting the photo in black and white but Deb said she liked the color version better. And she’s always right.

Here’s the black and white version.

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One thought

  1. I have never seen such a contrast between color and b/w. The color photo is driven by the yellows and greens of spring. It is brimming with hope and new life.
    When I clicked on your link to the b/w version, my stomach immediately turned over–an involuntary visceral reaction. I have lived through several summers when a color shot of that same scene would look almost identical to your b/w. To me the b/w was a picture of the death that a drought delivers. So, much as I do not like it, that b/w is a very powerful image.

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