I was disgustedly looking out our dining room windows, wondering if the cold rain would end any time soon. But then I saw the silver lining – wind-driven rain had covered the window in beads of water of random size and shape.

I like how each drop reflects the color of the greenery in our back yard and how the bright silver of the beads makes them look droplets of mercury. You’ve never seen drops of mercury? In the 60’s it was part of our middle school science curriculum to get to play with mercury! The teacher came around with a heavy bottle of silver liquid and poured globs onto our tables. It was liquid metal.

And when the teacher wasn’t looking, we took silver dimes and coated them. They stayed slippery for days as the mercury evaporated. Do I have mental problems and other infirmities because I played with what I now know was a highly poisonous material? No doubt.

Canoon 5DII 1/60s f/4.0 ISO800 100mm

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