The Great Stone Face

In middle school I remember reading a short story entitled “The Great Stone Face” by Hawthorne. While I remember the title, I don’t remember anything about the story. I do remember thinking that my craggy-faced teacher, who was an old lady who rarely smiled, could aptly be called “stone face.” How old was she? Maybe 40, which seems ancient when you are 13.

Anyway, this is a carved limestone cornice on some building in Chicago. I wish I were more disciplined when it comes to my photos. I know that a “real” photographer would have recorded the precise location. I don’t know when the structure this decorates was built, but it was clearly an era when there was time, talent and money to hand carve decorations for skyscrapers. It was probably during a time when Ayn Rand’s capitalist utopia was going full bore. Who is John Gault?

Canon 20D 1/100s f/7.1 ISO400 61mm

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