Pardon Me!

2010 05-18 Pardon Me

This is not the kind of photo I generally post here. But today I will make an exception. What’s wrong with the picture? Aside from breaking several aesthetic and technical rules of photography, it is a model shoot. And I don’t do model shoots. But here’s the story behind this photo.

I was wandering the streets of Mykonos when I noticed a boat in the harbor. It was clearly a photo shoot of some kind. And so I photographed the event from . . . the backside. The thing that fascinates me about this picture (aside from the nice little white boat) is that there are five people present on this boat. The roles of the model, the captain and the photographer are obvious. But what about the two other men? Are they artistic directors? Agents? Close personal friends? And the real question is: Are they getting paid? The man at the front of the boat certainly seems to enjoy his work!

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