05-28-10 The Mask of Agamemnon

This is the so-called “Mask of Agamemnon” discovered by Heinrich Schliemann, the German adventurer and archaeologist. It was discovered in the grave circle on the acropolis of the site of ancient Mycenae in Greece.

This golden face was discovered in a royal tomb by Schliemann, who imagined it to be the face of Agamemnon. Agamemnon ruled Mycenae during the time of the Trojan War and was married to Helen (who “launched a 1000 ships”). The tomb the mask was found it is probably not the tomb of Agamemnon, though. This golden object and many others are housed in the Archaeological Museum in Athens. It is well worth the visit if you are in Athens.

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  1. I believe it was Menelaus, Agamemnon’s brother, the king of Sparta, who was married to Helen. Agamemnon was married to Helen’s sister Clytemnestra, who took a lover whilst he fought in the Trojan war and killed him upon his return.

  2. I would like to use this picture in a textbook. It would show at about 2 inches high and be credited in the legend immediately below.

    Would I have your permission for that?

    [If that were the case, and since this would be print (no way of hyperlinking), let me know if you would like to add any information to the credits other than your name –such as location, or an URL.]

    • My apologies for the delayed response. I would give you permission to use my photo with the conditions that you stipulated. However, since the photo was taken in the Archaeological Museum of Athens, I would guess that there are reasons why you can’t use my photo of their artifact. Perhaps you could contact the Archaelogical Museum to see if they have a photo they would grant you license to?

      • Thanks very much for replying. I’ll try contacting the Athens Museum (I haven’t had much luck in previous attempts, but I’ll try once again; although some googling on the subject scares me about the potential reply, at least if the picture was taken after 2009). Would I have your permission on condition that I get an OK from them, or otherwise confirm that there are no limitations for reproduction in a publication of this kind, or pay whatever fee is eventually required?

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