Old Friends?

After two weeks of travel to London and various places in Portugal, I thought I’d return to my photo blog with the last photo on the memory card in my camera. It happens to be a photo of me taken by Deb in the Amsterdam airport. My smile is not due the joy I am feeling because, after two weeks of fresh-cooked food served deliberately in small restaurants, I can once again enjoy overpriced, homogenized cheeseburgers and an M&M McFlurry (which I’ll admit was very good).

My smile is more about having the opportunity to pose with Ronald MacDonald’s arm around me. It’s as if Ronald, a US export, were saying, “Welcome back to ‘civilization.'” Though we all know that fast food is not the epitome of US culture. Right?

Incidentally, this isn’t the first Ronald MacDonald photo to make this blog. Click here to see Ronald in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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