Fish and Chips

I had heard of the famous English delicacy “fish and chips” long before I had been to London the first time. And so, when I had the opportunity, I ordered the combo from a street vendor. It was served in a cone of paper that was soon drenched with the oil from the deep fat fryer it was cooked in. For a person with a cholesterol problem, this is not the best cuisine.

On our recent trip to London, it was Deb’s turn to order fish and chips. I sampled it and it seemed better than what I had had. Better fish? Better potatoes? Maybe better presentation? Who knows.

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One thought

  1. Fish and chips MUST be eaten out of a newspaper/butcher paper cone with liberal amounts of malt vinegar. I recently traveled in England with my little family and failed to eat any decent fish and chips. Fortunately we more than made up for our loss by eating our weight in pasties and clotted cream. You do what you can! I love your site and photography.

    Cheers, Jennifer

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