Sunset, July 4, 2010

Yes, this is just another sunset photo and there is nothing that would necessarily distinguish this shot from a billion other sunset photos. So why post it?

Well, in part because it was Independence Day in the US and that night, since we had no fireworks in our supplies on my sailboat, the beautiful, blazing sunset would have to suffice. Also, this photo – a snapshot really – marks a moment in my summer worth remembering. Scott P and I had had a successful day of sailing and fishing. After 15 hours of nearly constant motion, we had pulled in to our anchorage in Mission Creek on Lake Oahe and we had the whole place to ourselves.

The wind had died and the only sounds we could hear were the gentle creaking of the rigging of “Wandering Star,” the muted sound of birdsong and crickets coming from the shore and the distant call of coyotes flowing down the western hills from miles away. All of that and, to borrow a phrase from Emily Dickinson, the “yellow noise” of the sun. I was in one of my favorite places in the world with one of my favorite people.

This captured moment may have little meaning to you. But it will give me sustenance for months to come.

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