Another World

When I took this photo, I saw a single pink rose. But, as is often the case, I saw other things as I began to process it. I don’t know how your broswer behaves when you look at my photos in this blog but on my computer when I click on the photo, I get a bigger view. And when I hover my cursor over the bigger view, it turns into a magnifying glass with a “+” sign on it. Try clicking on the photo then and you get an even bigger view.

When the photo is fully magnified to full resolution, you might be able to see what I saw and understand why I called this post “Another World.” While you are here, how about taking a look at the Crab Nebula and looking for similarities between it and this flower which is no bigger than a US quarter (or a 2 Euro Coin). The Crab Nebula has a diameter of 11 light years, by the way. I guess I’ve given away one of the differences.

Canon 5DII 1/60s f/2.8 ISO320 100mm

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  2. I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind Scott, but one thing I found interesting is that just the tips of the petals are within your depth of field and the rest is left soft. This really gives it the illusion of depth, and a more 3D feel, making it seem much larger than it really is. I also really enjoy the colors and the sharpness of the dew where it is in sharp focus.

    • Thanks for your comments, Mike. I added some exif info to the post. As you can see, I was shooting at 2.8 with my Canon 100mm macro lens. What I was working for was to get everything but the flower in focus. As it turned out, I got just parts of the petals in focus. So the effect you observe is accidental. I am lucky more often than good. 🙂

      Incidentally, great lizard photo on your blog. If you don’t mind, I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  3. Thanks Scott, and I appreciate the link. I’ve had issues trying to get a good depth of field on those types of close ups/macros myself. The lizard shot is a good example. I shot at f11 and a portion of the tail is still blurred, that was also at 2oomm focal length. I’ve found that I need an aperture of around f8 or more to get a wide enough depth of field at least with my lenses. It’s also worth noting that I have no true macro lenses and I’m shooting on a crop sensor so your gear is certainly going to be different.

    Once again I really enjoy your photos and I am going to try to add a blogroll and link to you as well.

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