Shrine To Democracy?

Because one doesn’t worship democracy, I’m thinking that calling Mt. Rushmore “The Shrine To Democracy” is somehow a misnomer. Plus, if we really made Mt. Rushmore into a shrine, the ACLU would be all over the possibility of blurring the lines between church and state. I think we need to confine our worship to churches, synagogues, mosques, mega-malls and Apple stores.

Instead of worshipping it, I would say we “practice” democracy. Let’s hope they’re right when they say, “Practice makes perfect.” Someday. . . .

This photo, incidentally, was taken from a spot not too far from our cabin in the Black Hills.

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One thought

  1. Amazing someone just looked up at a moutain and thought, “yes, I’d like to carve HUGE faces into that”. People are strange. =)

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